Renewal by Andersen® of Las Vegas: Our Patio Doors

Patio doors are not the typical type of door. Aside from providing access to your home from the patio, garden, or pool area, these provide people inside your home with a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. With the beautiful Nevadan landscape, patio doors will bring the outdoors in. Patio doors are also visually appealing, adding charm to your home.

patio door replacement

Patio doors are important in your home’s overall appearance. That’s why when it’s time to replace your patio door, invest in high-quality patio doors from Renewal by Andersen® of Las Vegas, the leading door contractors in Las Vegas, NV. So, what makes our patio doors the best among the rest?

What our Patio Doors are Made of

Renewal by Andersen of Las Vegas only installs high-quality Andersen® patio doors. Made from high-grade materials, an Andersen patio door does not only look amazing, as it also ensures lasting performance even against the harsh Nevadan desert climate.

Our patio doors are also equipped with wide glass areas that offer a panoramic view of the great outdoors. Aside from a beautiful view, wider glass means more natural light coming in. This makes your home brighter during the day without having to rely on your indoor lights too much, reducing your monthly energy bills.

In addition, Andersen patio doors utilize High Performance™ Low-E4® glass, one of the most energy-efficient glasses in the market today. It helps in maintaining a balanced and comfortable temperature inside your home, whether it’s cold or hot outside. This also helps in reducing your home’s energy consumption, as you won’t have to crank up your HVAC unit. Your home’s temperature will be comfortable all year long.

Three Distinct Styles of Andersen Patio Doors

You can choose from the three distinctly beautiful patio door styles. Our beautifully crafted hinged French patio door’s wide wood profiles offer elegance like no other. You’ll benefit from the timeless charm only an Andersen door could deliver.

Our gliding French patio doors, on the other hand, combine the traditional look of a French patio door and the convenience of a gliding patio door. You will surely love having it in your own home.

Lastly, the sliding Contemporary patio door features modern designs. Its simple yet stylish appeal will surely add flavor to your contemporary home. As it is a sliding door, you won’t have any problem when it comes to space and convenience.

For patio door installation in Las Vegas, NV, trust Renewal by Andersen. Just get in touch with us to schedule a FREE in-home consultation with our window experts. We’ll also provide you with a FREE estimate.

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