7 Signs That Your Window is Failing

Windows, like any other home component, wear out due to age and exposure to the elements. Sometimes, the damage is not even noticeable. To help you decide if you need to replace your windows today, Renewal by Andersen® of Las Vegas presents these signs of window failure.


  1. Drafts – Improperly installed windows tend to have gaps around the frame where air can escape. For example, cool indoor air can leak outside, making your home stuffy. For your next window replacement in Las Vegas, make sure you work with our expert installers at Renewal by Andersen of Las Vegas.
  2. Water leaks – The gaps around the frame can also cause water to pass through. This can lead to problems like mold and mildew. At Renewal by Andersen of Las Vegas, we will weatherproof your new windows using special insulating foam covered with a stylish trim.
  3. Outdoor noise – Single-pane windows don’t reduce the noise coming from the outside. For a quieter home, choose dual-pane windows.
  4. Function failure – When the window hardware is not working or the windows won’t close tightly to the frame, it’s a major security issue. With Renewal by Andersen windows, you can be sure your home is well-protected. We will make sure your new windows work properly. We will also use stylish and secure locks to keep you and your family safe.
  5. Repainting and/or frequent cleaning – If the paint in your windows is peeling, it can affect your home’s curb appeal. Some windows are also difficult to clean. If you want low-maintenance windows, be sure to check the options from Renewal by Andersen. Aside from ease of cleaning, our windows also don’t need to be painted because these are made of Fibrex, the material that is guaranteed not to crack, pit, corrode, or rot.
  6. Fading in furniture – Furniture and valuables around your windows fade because of harmful ultraviolet rays. To prevent this, our windows come with High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass, which filters ultraviolet rays.
  7. Increase in energy bills – Drafty windows can be a cause of high utility bills. Choice of glass can also affect how much you use your air-conditioning or heating system. If you want more savings, glass options from Renewal by Andersen can help. Our High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass ensures 70% more energy efficiency in summer and 45% in winter.

Inefficient windows can cause higher utility bills or even costly repairs. Whenever you see any of these signs of failure, call the trusted window contractors in Las Vegas, NV, immediately.

Renewal by Andersen of Las Vegas is your leading source of high-quality and energy-efficient windows. We only use the best materials to make sure that your home is secure, comfortable, and beautiful. We also follow a systematic process to be sure your windows are installed properly and free of leaks.

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