Ventilate Your Space with Stylish Awning Replacement Windows


The hot desert air of the Southwest can have a brutal effect on the interiors of your home. There’s so much dust, intense sunlight, and creepy crawlies waiting to come inside that it’s impossible to casually open a window for some fresh air. So how do you find a quick and easy way to ventilate your home? At Renewal by Andersen of Phoenix and Las Vegas, we have the perfect solution for your ventilation problems. Thanks to our stylishly innovative awning replacement windows, you’ll be able to instantly increase ventilation while protecting your home’s interiors!

Awning replacement windows are designed to conveniently provide ventilation for any room of the house.

Unlike traditional casement windows, awning windows open outwards and upwards. In this way they’re able to allow sunlight and fresh air inside, while also creating a barrier that keeps out dust, rain, and other elements. Since they’re so easy to open, awning replacement windows are perfect for hard-to-reach areas such as above a kitchen sink or counter. Installing an awning window is an easy way to create instant ventilation in areas that wouldn’t receive it otherwise. They may be easy to open, but awning windows also shut securely to provide extra security from unwanted pests.

Our awning replacement windows are both stylish and built to last. They naturally fit into the existing décor of your home, and are successfully combined with other window styles within the same space. Their outward opening mechanism adds a unique stylistic flavor that complements the space, while bringing something new and exciting to the mix! All of our awning replacement windows are constructed with Andersen’s composite Fibrex® material that is built for high performance and longevity. Call our expert team at Renewal by Andersen of Phoenix and Las Vegas, and let’s start discussing your new awning replacement windows!