When replacing our windows, what happens to my existing alarm system?

A question often asked is;

We are replacing our old windows, what will happen to my existing alarm system?

Having a security system for their home provides peace of mind for many of our customers.

burglar at a window

If you are having new windows installed, then the existing security connections and contacts will most likely be removed by us during the installation process.

However, Renewal by Andersen recommends that homeowners have their security company reconnect the alarms to their new windows after they are installed.

The legal reason for this; if a Renewal by Andersen installer connects your alarm incorrectly and there was a break-in and your alarm system failed then our company could be held liable.

We are licensed and experienced in installing windows and doors, and your alarm company technician is competent and licensed in his field. After all, you would not want us installing your alarm system for the same reason you most likely would not want your alarm technician to install your windows, right?

Are you changing your window’s style?


When changing a sliding window to let’s say a double hung window you would need different contacts for your alarm. As can be seen in the diagram above the moving parts of your new windows dictate where the contacts need to be installed. The position for these sensors may be quite different than those of your old windows.

Think of this as an opportunity to better protect your home by installing better and more modern security equipment.

If your changes involve patio doors or entry doors, you may have similar issues that are better addressed by your alarm company technician.

In conclusion, when it comes to your home’s security, call your alarm company to determine what is the best solution for your home.

When it comes to having the best customer service in the business, from a company that offers the most energy efficient windows, call Renewal by Andersen of Phoenix and Las Vegas.

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