Energy Efficient Replacement Windows for Your Las Vegas/Phoenix Home

energy efficient windows

The desert sun is big, bright and HOT! It’s a “dry heat” but it’s not easy keeping cool and safe when the mercury hits 115° outside. The intense heat can cause severe dehydration, heat stroke and other serious illnesses. The unforgiving climate we experience in Phoenix and Las Vegas makes it all the more important to have high-quality windows that conserve energy inside the home and keep the heat out. Renewal by Andersen offers the very best energy efficient replacement windows for your Las Vegas home. Our goal is to keep you comfortable inside, while conserving valuable energy with stylish new windows!

Increase Your Comfort With our Energy Efficient Replacement Windows for Your Las Vegas Home

The window experts at Renewal by Andersen know how important energy efficient windows are to your home in Las Vegas and Phoenix. If your window has a crack that lets hot air inside while allowing cool air to escape, then you’re basically paying to air condition the coyotes and cacti outside. Your home won’t keep a constant temperature and you’ll be hot, uncomfortable, and miserable while your utility bills skyrocket. With energy efficient replacement windows for your Las Vegas home, Renewal by Andersen keeps you cool and saves you money with our advanced window technologies. Our services and energy efficient replacement windows have been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), naming Renewal by Andersen as a 2013 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year for our continued environmental protection practices and leadership.

Each of our energy efficient replacement windows for your Las Vegas home aren’t only energy efficient, they’re also stylish! We combine all aspects of your window installation to create a comfortable environment within your home. In order to be energy efficient, we bring together the right installation, window frame, and glass to create the perfect barrier protecting you from the heat wave outside. Renewal by Andersen uses our patented Fibrex® composite material on each window in the Phoenix and Las Vegas area. Fibrex® is a significantly stronger material with an increased lifespan compared to both wood and vinyl replacement windows. The quality of glass used in each window allows for maximum heat protection and defense from harmful ultra violet rays. If your home is unable to remain cool this summer due to old or damaged windows, contact our experts today to discuss how to improve the energy efficiency and comfort to your home!