3 Benefits that Reshape Your View on Window Replacement


Old and failing windows compromise your home’s beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency, so be sure to invest in the better and lasting solution—window replacement. While costlier than repairs, this project offers many benefits that more than make up for the extra costs. In fact, window replacement remains one of the home improvement projects ... Read More

2 Ways Our Windows Keep You Safe


Your windows provide a number of functions for your home. Among others, they contribute greatly to a home’s comfort and energy efficiency, while serving as lovely design elements that make it stand out. Windows also play a role in keeping everyone in your home safe, especially small children. ... Read More

Advice for Keeping Your Windows in Good Shape

It’s important to keep your windows in peak condition since they perform many critical functions for your home. They increase your home’s energy efficiency, stop cold air from leaking out, and provide great views of your surroundings. Renewal by Andersen® of Las Vegas gives you some tips to keep your windows well maintained. ... Read More