Video: The Many Benefits of Casement Windows

Among all the windows available, casement windows are the best options for those who are looking for a mix of convenience, simplicity, and functionality. A relatively modern window option, there are several things that make it especially stand out. Renewal by Andersen® of Las Vegas brings the best supporting case for getting casement windows:


Best in Ventilation

One of the biggest advantages of casement windows in Las Vegas is that they’re the best at bringing a lot of fresh air into a room. They open up fully, and this makes them a perfect summertime choice. Imagine kicking back at home with a cool natural breeze wafting into and around your home. Is there anything more relaxing?

Easiest to Operate

Our casement window featured a simple crank mechanism to open and close it easily. This is critical because the entire window opens outward—having to push it all the way manually might be difficult for some people. This also makes it easy to maintain, as you can clean even the highest-set casement windows without the need of a ladder.

Fits Many Situations

Another key characteristic of a casement window is that it’s very flexible. Unusual for a window, it is taller than it is wide. This, however, makes it the perfect fit for uncommon and narrow spaces around your home—like at the top of a staircase or at the end of a hallway. Its size and shape means that it can be used in combination with a lot of other windows as well. For wider space, for instance, multiple casement windows can be set side by side for a great view and great ventilation.

If casement windows sound like the kind of window your home needs, give Renewal by Andersen of Las Vegas a call. We’re one of the most trusted window contractors in Las Vegas, NV, and we’re only too happy to help you pick out the window that’s a perfect match.