5 Ways to Create a Bigger Room with Windows

Small homes or rooms are not new to homeowners. These usually require less cleaning or maintenance, which makes it a practical choice. Even if you have limited space in your home, you can always create the illusion of a bigger room by using windows.

casement windows

Renewal by Andersen® of Las Vegas presents these five window design tips to help you freshen up your home:

  1. Make the most of your replacement windows by choosing large windows.

For your replacement window installation in Las Vegas, remember that when you bring in more light into a room, it brightens up the interior. It also emphasizes architectural details of your furniture. Look for options with large glass area, such as picture windows. You can also install sliding windows to get both light and ventilation.

  1. Frame panoramic outdoor views to create a smooth transition to your landscape or yard.

Wide and tall windows catch your attention so you would look past the room itself. These create the feeling that the room extends past the walls and out into the yard or garden.

  1. Select lighter or neutral colors for your windows that will blend well with your interior.

Cool colors such as white and blue will make walls to retreat visually, giving the feeling of a larger room. Make sure you choose these colors as well for your new windows.

  1. Use floor-to-ceiling windows to bring in more light.

A wall of windows is a great way to draw attention to the outdoors rather than focusing on your home’s interior.

  1. Install window seats to hide clutter and save space.

Bay and bow windows in Las Vegas are ideal space-saving options. You can use the added space as a window seat or build a storage space to hide clutter.

For beautiful, quality windows that last, trust Renewal by Andersen. Whether you need large windows or a combination of styles, we can custom-make them for you. We offer both traditional and contemporary styles, different finishes, decorative hardware, and grille patterns. We can also create thinner frames and sashes with our Fibrex® material.

If you want to learn more window design tips, schedule a free in-home consultation today. You can call us at (702) 722-2052 or fill out our contact form.