All about Bay & Bow: Energy Efficiency & Unique Features

Bay and bow windows are the type of windows that can make any Las Vegas home stylish. With the right combination of location, materials, and proper installation, your bay and bow windows can also lower your energy consumption.

bow windows

What Makes Them Energy-Efficient?

Bay and bow windows in Las Vegas are energy-efficient because of three main factors:

  1. Location – If your windows face south, they can collect more solar heat during winter. This can lead to less use of your heating system during this cold season. When summer comes along, the heat is reflected by your windows because of their glazing. Because the hot air is kept away from your home, you won’t use your air-conditioning unit that often.
  2. Materials – The performance of windows depends on their frame and glass. The frame should have a lower U-factor, which rates how much solar heat flow is conducted. As for the glass, special coatings can help control heat transfer in your windows.
  3. Installation – Properly installed bay and bow windows ensure a tight seal. Without any gaps, there won’t be any place for air to leak.

What Makes Them Different?

Aside from energy savings, bay and bow windows can boost your home’s curb appeal. They look different from other windows because of the following features:

  1. They are made up of several panels. Bay windows have four or more sections placed in an angle. Bow windows, on the other hand, have three or more arched sections.
  2. They are a combination of window types. These window types are usually made up of casement or double-hung windows. Bay windows usually have operable sides and front, whereas bow can only open on both sides.
  3. They extend outside the wall. Special installation requirements are needed for these window types. They are placed in line with the wall and project outward.
  4. They let in more light compared with a single casement or double-hung window. Because they are a combination of windows, it means more glass panes. More glass, more natural light.

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