Tips on Balanced Lighting with Windows

Great views and good lighting are two things that windows can bring you. There are several ways that you can maximize these effects — all it takes is some careful thought and planning. Renewal by Andersen® of Las Vegas offers some simple tips on getting balanced lighting in your home.

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  1. Cover occupied rooms first.

This is all about priorities. Before placing casement windows in Las Vegas in every room across your home, determine which rooms you want to draw light into. A good start is to go for rooms you use more often. Your bedroom, living room, and dining room are the prime candidates here. Taking this step lets you plan a budget for the rest.

  1. Choose the right windows.

The next thing that you need to get right is the window choice. Picture windows, casement windows, and sliding windows are all ideal for drawing in more light because of their wide and clear panes. These were designed to maximize on lighting and views.

  1. Be aware where the light is.

Know where the light is coming from; the easiest way is to follow the east-west track that the sun will follow across your area. Place the windows at both ends to make sure that at least half of your home will benefit from natural lighting. While you can’t completely change the layout of your home, you can adapt to these conditions.

  1. Have two opposing light sources.

Having natural light come in from one source can be great, but it also risks a lot of glare. As the top window contractors in Las Vegas, NV, we recommend that you balance it out with an opposing light source. Preferably, this should also be natural, but artificial light can also work.

With careful planning and the right windows, you can bathe your home and its rooms in all the natural light you can get. Call Renewal by Andersen of Las Vegas at (702) 722-2052, and we will happily stake care of your window needs.