Window Replacement: A Step Closer to a Solar Passive Home

Redefining your home design is an excellent way to increase its energy efficiency. Have you ever thought of creating a solar passive home? In this post, we discuss what a passive solar home is and which remodeling projects could help you have one.


We are one of your local window contractors in Las Vegas, NV, who will guide you in making the most of your investment. We have several home improvement projects to suggest that will increase your home performance and energy efficiency.

What is a solar passive home?
A solar passive home makes the best use of the location, climate, and materials to minimize its use of energy. It all boils down to your home’s design. A well-made passive solar home is able to reduce heating and cooling needs through energy-efficient strategies. These include a window or a door replacement. These home improvement projects help maintain a comfortable environment without using your home’s HVAC system for a long period.

How do windows help create a solar passive home?
For your windows to help create a solar passive home, these should be positioned properly. According to, windows that collect solar energy are those that are faced within 30 degrees of true south. These should be free from shade or window treatments, especially during the warm season from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM every day. In all other seasons, such as spring and fall, your windows should be covered to avoid overheating.

What makes our windows energy-efficient?
Renewal by Andersen® of Las Vegas installs energy-efficient windows. These feature the Fibrex® composite frame, which combines the maintenance ease of vinyl with the strength and stability of wood. Our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass also has high insulation levels, which provide better-quality protection to homes. Together, these make our replacement windows energy-efficient, helping keep a comfortable temperature indoors while reducing the use of your HVAC system.

We hope that we were able to give valuable information about passive solar home design. If you’re planning to get a window replacement in Las Vegas, we are here to help. Renewal by Andersen of Las Vegas installs top-of-the-line replacement windows that are available in various styles. These include double-hung, casement, sliding, picture, bay, bow, and specialty windows. Aside from topnotch windows, we also install first-rate patio doors.

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